Private Lessons


Middle & High School Lax Development

Coach Darren Murray has over 10 years of experience instructing athletes ages 11+, strengthening their lacrosse IQ and skills while helping them to differentiate themselves as they come up against stiffer competition. Darren is currently the director of East Side Lacrosse and head coach of the ESL 2020 team. Formerly, Darren was the head coach of the Maryland Xtreme 2020 boy’s lacrosse team since 2013.

Objective: Focus on game specific techniques and scenarios too help improve speed and agility on the field. Develop confidence in athletic ability and comfort with all aspects of the game to improve performance during high-pressure games situations.

Format: Combine specific focus of training to including dodging technique, proper positioning defensively to slow competitors’ dodging styles, shooting form and velocity as well as footwork and agility.

Youth Lax Development

(grades 6 and below)

Coach Evan Howard is currently an Elementary Physical Educator with MCPS and a Tyker lacrosse coach for HC Lax. Coach Evan’s patience, gentle nature, and humor accompanied with the positive personal relationships that he builds with his players sets Coach Evan apart from any other coach. Formerly, Evan was the head coach of the Maryland Xtreme 2024 boy’s lacrosse team since 2014.

Objective: Focus on specific area(s) of individual development to help improve your child’s necessary skills in order for them to grow as an individual in the game of lacrosse.

Format: Select/combine specific focus of training to include: stick skills (catching, throwing, ground balls), shooting, defense, footwork, and/or agility.


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